Dancing with Play and Living from Soul

At Hestia, we honor the simply beautiful and potent healing power of play.

Engaging in play not only feeds your inner child, but also has a growing list of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, including reducing your stress hormones, alleviating anxiety and depression, supporting creativity and critical thinking, and enhancing social skills. Research from groups, like the National Institute on Play, shows that play helps us unlock human potential in all stages of life, from ages 2 to 102. It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain—unless it is done with play, in which case it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions (Dr. Karyn Purvis on the biology of play).

Come join our beloved community on sacred, gorgeous land for one of our playful celebrations, infused with music, dance, theatre, and games. Experience for yourself the transformative magic of play to empower you to live more from a place of authenticity, curiosity, and joy!


The Experience

Hestia has been a transformational, enriching gateway for people looking to grow in community. It sits on sacred, stunning land with a flowing mineral-rich creek that invites you to explore and embrace the depths of your soul.

At Hestia, you'll leave behind the stressors of urban life, dream of new possibilities for yourself, and feel empowered to take the necessary steps in your personal journey. You’ll leave feeling emboldened, recharged and renewed.

Our team of experienced facilitators and healing practitioners have developed creative workshops to provide the unique opportunity to zoom into your personal ecosystem, identify areas that are preventing you from truly living from soul and help you embrace and share your unique gifts with the world.



  • Get to know your fellow travelers on the carpool journey to Mt Shasta (the drive is typically 4-5 hours from the Bay Area and we will try our best to arrange carpool groups for everyone)

  • Settle into the space and your accommodations

  • Join an optional group dinner for those who arrive by 8 pm


DAY 2-3

  • Introduction to the space, community, experience

  • Get grounded through guided embodiment and movement sessions led by master level practitioners

  • Connect with sacred land on a meditative nature walk

  • Explore the beauty of the area through guided nature excursions

  • Interactive playshops incorporating music, art, dance, and improv theatre

  • Relaxation and creative free time (mineral baths and in-house massage)

  • Group reflection exercises to give and receive insight

  • Nighttime music, singing and fireside chats



  • Closing gratitude circle to support your transition back

  • Optional trip to hiking, hike and shopping around Mt Shasta


All-Inclusive Ticket

  • Healthy, nourishing meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day)

  • Daily meditation and movement sessions

  • Experiential play, nature, and healing activities lovingly curated by your Hestia hosts

  • Comfortable shared accommodations

  • Add-ons: healing mineral bath soak, in-house massage, private accommodations and lodging for extra nights to extend your stay

*Ticket prices for our celebrations range from $375 (early bird) to $600 depending on duration and activities planned. Our intention is to offer high-quality, all-inclusive experiences at an affordable cost to cultivate a diverse community at Hestia. Register below!


Our Upcoming 2019 Events




The 3rd Annual Celebration of our Liberation is a sweet summer convergence to let go in the wilderness and celebrate what it means to be truly free.

We welcome you to a 3-night celebration where you’ll experience true inner freedom and practice consciously liberating yourself from the constraints of the mind, body and spirit in your day-to-day life.

We will dance, play, sing, contemplate, create art and make music in the safety and sacredness of Hestia. Our curated line up of talented healers, facilitators, musicians, storytellers, and nature guides will bring you back home to yourself.

Give yourself the gift of your own freedom over July 4 weekend. Immerse yourself in the wilderness, play, laugh, and nourish from the inside out with delicious healthy meals. You'll return home feeling refreshed and reborn.

Our events are intentionally designed to be spacious for you to receive the maximum healing benefits of being in the stillness and serenity of sacred land.


  • Daily meditation, yoga and embodiment sessions with master practitioners

  • Sound healing in the yurt with a Native American flutist

  • Guided activities for self-expression and inquiry

  • Community art creation

  • Picnic dinner and fireworks show at Lake Siskiyou

  • Special nature excursions around Mount Shasta

  • Disco bingo and dance party in the enchanted forest

  • Pontoon boat ride around Lake Siskiyou

  • Evening live musical performances and open mic/community jam sessions

Tickets are $425 (early bird) and $499 (regular price).




Craving a unique, explosively fun, and meaningful Halloween experience this year? Join your fellow spirits in this spook-filled 3-day Halloween celebration where we'll be dancing under the majestic moon in our costumes, dining in a murder-mystery extravaganza, and honoring our ancestors.  This special Halloween experience embraces the light and dark sides of life, helping us become more integrated and whole. 

Halloween/All Hallows' Eve/All Saints' Eve has deep roots and traditions around giving blessings to our dearly departed.  This Halloween season, join the beloved Hestia community in experiencing the magical and timeless power of a fire ceremony to send gratitude to our ancestors and celebrate the cycles of life and death.  We will also honor the natural cycles of the seasons and prepare for what areas in our lives we want to dive deep into this coming winter. 

In our interactive playshops (workshops rooted in play), we will also explore our inner gremlins (judges) and learn to identify and let go of fears and self-limiting beliefs to make room for what makes us feel alive!

Featured experiences include:

  • Halloween Costume Party: Dancing under the stars with ghouls, ghosts, witches, and even a local Sasquatch

  • Ceremonial altar and rituals to honor our ancestors 

  • Murder Mystery Dinner

  • Fall-inspired community cookie baking

Tickets are $375 (early bird) and $450 (regular price).



This 4-night New Year’s celebration comes with thoughtfully curated experiences that are playful, reflective and enriching.  Come home to yourself and nourish your body, heart and soul on sacred land with a supportive community.

There will be sessions for reflecting on the year to gain greater insight and for clarifying our dreams and intentions. We will guide you through powerful visualization and manifestation practices on the land to aid you in the new year ahead.

We will be connecting with the wisdom and energies of the land, animal kingdom and the natural elements to help guide us in this process.

Magical unicorns, owls, dolphins, lions, and dragons…. Which animal will be your inspiration and guide for 2020?  Embody the wisdom of the animal kingdom by dressing up as your chosen animal guide and dance your dreams into reality!

Featured experiences include:

  • Guided reflection and journaling time

  • Intention setting and vision mapping for the new year

  • Mount Shasta snow shoeing excursion

  • Animal onesie dance party in the yurt

Tickets are $525 (early bird) and $599 (regular price).

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