Level 2: Living from Soul in Relationships (2-day workshop)



Build the fundamental emotional literacy to work through inner or outer conflicts that prevent us from manifesting what we desire in relationship.

Are your relationships as fulfilling and connected as you'd like them to be?

Relationships are here to grow us -- whether we want them to or not.

Whether the relationships we're working on are professional or personal, our Souls are looking to evolve, and relationships are enormously fertile soil for this journey.

When we feel stuck, repeating old patterns, and/or feeling conflicted, it's a sign that it's time to navigate our relationship with ourself and others in new ways. And from our collective work with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours (and our own personal journeys), we've found that learning to live from Soul is the most direct path to renewing / igniting new possibilities in relationships.

When we approach relationships from the level of Soul, we open up a fundamentally new set of possibilities:

  • Instead of stuckness/perpetual conflict, we first rework our relationship with ourselves to open up to greater ease.

  • Instead of slipping into worn out patterns, we relate from the truest part of ourselves, which in turn opens up the possibility of engaging with the most authentic parts of the people we're in relationship with.

  • And instead of feeling conflicted, we see the unique growth our Soul wants us to integrate.

When we live and relate to others from Soul, we open ourselves up to the beauty possible in deep and authentic partnership. We open ourselves up to being seen and met in the unique ways that we've long hungered for.

PS, You've probably figured this out by now -- but this is not your normal relationship workshop. It’s not about learning new techniques to “fake it till we make it.” We get to the root of authentic relationship by learning to connect authentically first with ourselves, which then supports authentic connection with others.

This or the other level 2 workshop is a pre-req to the Level 3 Shadow Work intensive.

What will you come away with if you join us?

  • An understanding of what your Soul uniquely wants to experience through relationship

  • The ability to listen more deeply to what’s happening (both in yourself and others) so that we can learn to more skillfully accept, honor and meet Soul desires, while navigating conflict more skillfully

  • Deeper understanding about what triggers us (and why) so that we can slow down patterns of reactivity; and instead, respond from the level of Soul

  • Tools to build your capacity to be with uncomfortable experiences / emotions so that we can enable deeper growth in relationship

What will the experience be like?

  • Morning and afternoon embodiment sessions, guided meditations to support deeper connection with Soul

  • Learning a new way to connect with others coming first from a place of Soul

  • Intimate dialogue with participants who are similarly asking these questions

  • Opportunity to digest the group experience in nature

Melissa and Steve together will masterfully help you access the wisdom, power, beauty and purpose within your Soul. They walk their talk.
— L., 2018 participant