2019 Schedule of Events

Learn to Live from Soul

As one year closes and another begins, we’re likely asking ourselves: Did I live the best year I could have?  How can I make 2019 better?  

But in the Hestia community, we’d like to ask you a different question: Are you living in alignment with what your Soul is asking of you?   

In the chaotic, distraction-filled age we live in, living wisely requires calling in forces greater than ourselves, forces that have the power to awaken our imagination beyond the day-to-day.  In awakening to our Soul’s unique desires, we can develop the clarity to understand what is ours to do and experience in this world.  It is not easy to live from Soul because of the depth it demands, but it certainly opens up greater aliveness. 

In 2019, our focus will be on connecting deeply and learning to live in alignment with our Soul. We will be offering a new 1-day experiential workshop designed to support you in learning to live from Soul First and 3-night deep dives at our private retreat center in Mt Shasta, CA.  

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Jan 12 | Feb 23 | April 20 | May 18| June 22 | Aug 24

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3-Night Deep Dives in Mt Shasta, CA

Mar 22-25 | Sept 27-30 | Nov 8-10

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weeklong RESIDENCIES in Mt Shasta, CA

Feb-April | Mar 24-31 | May 25-June 2