Hungry to connect with your True Self?

Don't know about you, but I've had a lot of WTF moments this summer, and it's been easy to despair amidst the chaos in our world. After events like the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, it's been hard to know what to do when our political, economic and social systems are crumbling.

I know many of us in the Hestia community hunger to see large-scale change. We know at our depths that a more beautiful world is possible. And that heart-led world is what we get a taste of at Hestia events.

But it’s hard for us to support system-level change unless we’ve done our part to get clear about what’s ours to do. We need to know what we're uniquely here to do in this world so that we can navigate the external chaos with grace... and not get lost in despair, collective confusion or reactivity.

NOW is a critical time for us to get connected to who we are at our core. When we’re connected to who we are at our depths, we can take action that’s genuinely inspired. We can act with confidence, knowing what we’re doing is true for us (vs being influenced by fear, external expectations, obligations ...or our favorite limiting pattern). And to know who we are at our core, it requires we get in touch with our Soul.

Over the last 6 months, we (Hestia’s Founding Friends) have gotten increasingly clear about Hestia’s Soul-led mission and purpose:

Hestia is a community that supports heart-led leaders committed to their own deep transformation in service of the systemic transformation we seek to see in the world.

Two of the major ways we do this are through: (1) the Soul curriculum, and (2) by creating space for people to connect with their truest selves and transform on sacred land.   

The Soul curriculum has been designed so that you can get as clear as possible, as fast as possible. Steve and I have deeply studied many modalities over decades.   We’ve distilled and curated the essence of these modalities into accessible, yet powerful tools/techniques.  We’ve done the hard work of laying out a pathway to rapid and deep transformation so that you don’t have to go through the same struggle we went through, or waste time.

We'd love to see you at a workshop soon & with much love,
Melissa & Hestia’s Founding Friends (Steve, Belinda, Nayad & Peter)

2019 Soul Workshops

Level 1 Foundations -- Sat Aug 24th in Oakland (last one for 2019!)

This 1-day course helps you meet and develop a relationship with your Soul. Through a guided journey, you encounter your Soul and learn a powerful process for gaining your Soul’s guidance. Additionally, given that emotions are the language of Soul, you learn a core set of tools to be with your emotions fully/skillfully, and glean the wisdom of what your Soul is communicating to you through your emotions. Get your ticket here!

Level 2 Soul @ Work -- Sept 26-29 in Mount Shasta

Once you know how to be in relationship with your own Soul, the next challenge is: How do I interact with *others* from the level of Soul AND remain in integrity with my authentic needs? You might compromise or push too hard in your professional relationships in ways that leave you drained and/or frustrated. In this 3-night retreat, you learn how to articulate your true needs (to get clear about what your Soul truly wants in a specific relationship), discover what your Soul is here to learn right now through relationship, and embody balanced giving-receiving to live with greater aliveness and create space for your unique gifts to flourish. Last 2019 Level 2 Soul @ Work is Sept 26-29th. Get your early bird ticket before Aug 31st.

Level 3 Shadow Work Intensive -- Nov 9-11 in Mount Shasta

While you can intend to live aligned from Soul, the parts you’re not consciously aware of -- Shadow -- can limit how free and authentically you’re living. In this 3-night retreat, you’ll get in touch with what seems “dark” to liberate the energy bound up in these parts. Note: This work is essential for people in leadership positions -- whether it be at work, as parents, or in the community -- because whatever is in our Shadow gets projected onto the groups we lead. The only time this workshop will be offered in 2019 is Nov 9-11 (Veteran's Day Weekend). This will sell out, so get your tickets now!

Melissa Lau