The most powerful thing you need on a transformational journey

Real and lasting transformation is hard.  At times, really freakin' hard.  It asks us to let go of what we’ve known, and step into a new way of being.  And when we really want to go through the process of deep change, the prospect is terrifying! 

Embarking on a journey of deep change is like standing on the edge of a canyon.  We see the place we want to get to… it’s just over there!  But the journey to get to the other side feels daunting, because we need to make the trek down into the valley… and then start the long climb back up.    

As a coach who works with people and organizations on the process of transformation, the #1 thing I wish people would do differently is take this journey in a supportive community

When we’re on transformational journeys, our egos naturally freak out because we’re upsetting the status quo.   And our egos are finely honed to make sure that we don’t rock the boat too much.   Our ego wants to make sure that we can continue to have its’ Big 3 needs met: security, approval and control.  

A common thing I see happen on this journey is that people step towards the change they want to make, but then quickly pendulum back to the old way because it feels too risky.   It can feel frustrating, even deflating to get stuck in this pattern of oscillating back and forth.  

For example, when transitioning from a great job in tech to doing my own thing as an independent consultant, I was hesitant to make such a big shift. And when I spent time with business school friends who didn’t understand why I’d leave such a “sure”, seemingly golden path for something so much less stable and less prestigious, it made me question my choices.

I felt like a pinball clanging back and forth in the interior of my mind: “Who should I listen to? The seemingly sane opinions of all of the people I know; or the not yet fully formed voice that’s coming from within me and that I don’t yet trust?”

To continue to heed the call of our Soul, it’s helpful (and often essential) to change up the people we spend time with.  Usually the people we’ve known have a vested interest in us staying the same.  But when we’re around others who are asking similar questions — and even better yet around people who have successfully gone through their own deep transformation — it helps our egos relax a bit because it sees that we’re not alone. Our egos may even start to believe we might come out the other side of the journey transformed for the better.  

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It’s for this reason that we’ve designed the Hestia community to gather people committed to their own deep transformation (with the support of trusted guides) so that this journey is just that much more in reach.

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PS, If you’d like to meet some of us before committing to retreat or workshop, we gather every other week to break bread together. Email us to get the details on our next gathering!  

Melissa Lau