OUr philsophy

Hestia’s Soul First Approach

In this stormy age that we live in, it is easy to get caught in the eye of the storms moving around us, and get stuck in fear, anxiety and frustration.

To live wisely requires calling in forces greater than ourselves, forces that have the power to awaken our imagination beyond the mundane day-to-day. 

One of those forces is Soul.  In our modern world focused on the bottom line, scientific progress and rationality, we wither.  We dry up like fruit unpicked on the tree.

To give us the motivation and nourishment that we need to move forward in this chaotic world, we need to taste the transcendence of Soul.  Touching our Soul is what nourishes and waters cracked earth that has grown dry after drought.

Without connection to Soul and all that it relates to — love, authentic connection, beauty — we seek fulfillment in ways that are always fleeting (e.g., music, drugs) or numbing (e.g., social media, TV).  

And it’s only in awakening to our Soul’s unique desires, gifts and genius that we can have the clarity to understand what is ours to do and experience in this world.  It sparks imagination of mythic proportions. It may not be an easy way to live, but it is certainly a more alive one.