Awaken to your Soul’s unique desires, gifts and genius


What do you truly desire?


Enriching your soul and experiencing life from your authentic self is a beautiful and treasure-filled journey. At Hestia, we believe in the mystical marriage of soul work and playful fun. We’ve curated a creative array of meaningful experiences for those in search of awakening their unique gifts. Whether you are craving the journey into the dark depths of what your heart is trying to tell you or itching to dance in the forest and feed your inner-child, Hestia is happily here to support you!


Living from Soul


Dancing with Play

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level 1 daylongs in OAKLAND OR VIRTUAL

Soul First Level 1: Listening To Soul

8:45 am-5:45 pm | June 22, 2019 or August 24, 2019

Learn to connect with your soul, and build practices to live from your authentic desires.

Are you living your Soul's desires?  

If burnout, distraction or playing small are familiar to you, do it differently in 2019 -- learn to start living from Soul.  

When we wake up to our Soul's unique desires, we get clear about what's ours to do.  We get laser focused on what matters, and let go of distractions.  While it is not easy to live from Soul because of the depth it demands, it certainly opens up greater aliveness.

In this spirit, our Hestia soul-guides — Steve Seto . and Melissa Lau — are excited to introduce a new daylong experiential workshop in Oakland to learn how to live Soul First:

What will you come away with in this daylong workshop?

  • The start of a relationship with Soul

  • A deeper connection to your priorities at the level of your deepest Self

  • Practices to live from your most authentic depths

  • Tools to fully experience emotion so we can begin to embrace the wisdom of our feelings

What will the experience be like?

  • Morning and afternoon embodiment sessions

  • Learning a new way to connect to purpose that’s unique to you

  • Intimate dialogue with participants who are similarly asking these questions

  • Opportunity to digest the group experience in the redwoods

What are the details and logistics?

  • Continental breakfast and lunch included

  • Group size is capped at 10 to support depth of the work & intimacy

What’s the flow for the day?

8:45 -- Breakfast -- Say "Good Morning" to your fellow participants over coffee / tea and a light breakfast 
9-10 -- Intro to Soul work + Opening Circle 
10-11 -- Embodiment: Learning to Connect with authentic Self somatically + emotionally 
11-12 -- Meditation: Inner Leader Visualization -- Learning to consciously connect with our highest wisdom 
12-1 -- Catered lunch 
1-2 -- Nature Walk: Learning to stay connected to self in the midst of every day distractions 
2-3 -- Inner Leader dialogue -- Learning to ask our highest Self for authentic guidance 
3-4 -- Embodiment: Accessing the wisdom of our emotions 
4-5 -- Group Coaching: Translating emotional insight into inspired action 
5-5:30 -- Closing Circle & Commitments to bring our inspired action into reality


This potent workshop is not about manifesting material things (money, work, love), but really connecting to your soul through awareness of your emotions and body. This is the work, the foundation, and where healing and clarity are found.
— Jeana K, 2018 Participant

The workshop was fantastic and profound. I feel like my baseline contentment and happiness is significantly increased. The insights I had were very much needed for me to grow as a person and leader. I wish I could’ve bottled up my happiness from the experience and carried that with me.
— Nick B, 2018 Participant

Level 2 & 3 Deep dives in Mt Shasta

Working with Soul and Shadow

3-day weekend deep dives to learn the language of your soul.

Intuition is the language of our souls.  It’s the clearest way our souls can communicate with us and work through us.  Join us at this 3-day experience to help you align with your soul’s deepest desires with an intimate community on sacred land in Mount Shasta, CA.

Soul First is about reconnecting with your deepest essence. It is the wellspring which feeds and informs our gifts and talents and can call, compel, inspire and grow us into being.  These aspects of our essential nature (soul) are the fundamental building blocks to human experience. 

Over the 3 day weekend, we will do deep group and one-on-one work to help you gain clarity about what’s truly important to you at the soul level, so you can focus your time and attention wisely to be able to amplify your talents.  

You’ll gain tools to harness and digest the wisdom of your emotions to get unstuck when you hit roadblocks. People who learn to apply the Soul First approach discover a grounded clarity in many life decisions that nourishes and integrates their deepest priorities and purpose. They are also able to optimize their physical health and develop thriving relationships.  

Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River
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